About De Aar Solar Power

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Project Description

Located 6km outside the town of De Aar in the Northern Cape, the project expands over 100 hectares of Emthanjeni Municipality owned land. The...
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Project Fact Sheet

De Aar Solar Power is one of the first solar power projects in South Africa. It is part of the South African Government’s REIPPP....
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Project Partners

De Aar Solar Power has been made possible by the dedication and commitment of many participants including the Government of South Africa, the Department...
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About Solar Energy

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How Energy is Created from the Sun

The sun supplies more than enough energy to provide earth with all of its energy requirements, but technology is required to harness this energy...
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The Solar Panel

The De Aar Solar Power Project consists of 167 580 Suntech STP 290/295, 24Vd 290/295 Watt solar panels, each with a capacity of 290...
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Environmental Benefits

Solar power is a clean, renewable electrical energy source. There are many environmental benefits of solar energy, including: Use of solar generation reduces the...
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Is PV safe?

PV Modules are safe on their own, but when connected special care should be taken as there are high electrical currents and as with all electrical operations, only qualified competent people should be involved in the operations and construction process.

What are the PV panels manufactured from?

“Poly-silicon” or polycrystalline silicon

Are the PV panels expensive to manufacture?

This depends on method of manufacturing; mono crystalline is more expensive than poly crystalline. During the recent years (5 to 10) the cost of panel manufacturing in South Africa has reduced dramatically and given the decrease in costs, PV panel installations are almost at grid parity to the rest of world.

What is the expected life span of a solar panel?

A PV panel can generate power and energy for over 40-years, but the expected lifetime of a panel is 20 to 25 years of optimal production. Each year the panel will lose some generating capacity, not a lot but some.

What is the most likely way that a panel can be damaged?

Damage to PV panels is most likely to be caused by blunt force i.e. rocks, hammers or people jumping on them. They are rated and tested against quite large forces and hail or heavy rain will not cause damage.

Does dust hinder the amount of energy being produced?

Dust can reduce the ability to generate at maximum, but only slightly.

What happens at night?

As there is no light at night, no energy will be produced. The PV plant will import energy from the utility to keep operations on site going.

Are the PV panels cleaned and the area maintained?

The PV panels are cleaned manually. There will be a staff of 16 local people responsible for panel cleaning and vegetation control. They will work early and late, to avoid interrupting production during the high sun hours.

How long does it take to install a single panel?

A single table containing 95 modules can be installed in less than 30 minute by a trained labourer i.e. 20 seconds per PV panel.

Will the PV panels generate energy in cloudy or rainy conditions?

The panels will generate energy if any light falls on it, cloud causes indirect light and this is also good enough for the panels. Power generated is directly proportional of the amount of irradiance (light) falling on the panel. So if reduced the panel will have a reduced output.

How does the cost/energy production ratio compare to wind energy?

Solar is still more expensive than wind at this stage, with cost per MW higher than that of wind.

Does De Aar Solar Power have any poisonous snakes or spiders on site?

South Africa is known for having poisonous snakes, however the activity on site has scared of most of the reptiles. The site also takes progressive and intensive measures to ensure the safety of both the snakes and the people on site.  If any snakes are found a professional snake handler to a safe location removes them.

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Click here for site map and directions.

Site map & Directions

From De Aar:

  • Head north on Sinjaal St toward Dwarsleer St
  • Take the 1st right onto Dwarsleer St
  • Turn left toward Friedlander St
  • Turn left toward Friedlander St
  • Turn right onto Friedlander St
  • Continue straight onto Hoop St
  • Continue onto R48

De Aar Map



Majority shareholder, Globeleq is jointly managing the construction of De Aar Solar Power and will play a key role as the management company during operations.